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by William Call


Three Connected Movements
for Piano and Orchestra


"All art constantly aspires toward the condition of music."

-Walter Pater

Words, images and actions, however metaphorical or symbolic they may be, also convey concrete meanings. Orchestral program music, by contrast, although it is able to portray emotions associated with events and suggest extramusical narratives, is unable to state concrete meanings. Listeners are accordingly free to picture in their minds images and events they may imagine even as they acquaint themselves with the musical themes, motives and ideas that make up the content of the music.

Romanticism Today

An epic is an extended narrative descriptive of imaginary
characters, adventurous acts and romantic occurrences.
A romance is a story or legend often depicting events that
occur in unfamiliar places and are suggestive of both
venturesome and erotic encounters.

Romanticism is a literary, artistic, and philosophical
movement especially prominent in Europe and America from
about 1800 to 1840 that emphasized a new freedom in the way
artistry was formulated, imagined and expressed.

Expressions of Romanticism continue to appear in modern
artistic forms in contrast to the more abstruse, cerebral and
abstract works of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Piano on Dim Stage

"All art constantly aspires toward the condition of music."

-Walter Pater

The Performers

Fantasy: An Epic Romance

Piano - Nathan Schaumann

Bassoon - Brian Hicks
Bb Clarinet - Daron Bradford
Flute - Jeannine Goeckeritz
Oboe - Justin Torres

French Horn - Brian Blanchard
Trumpet - Shane Turner


1st Violin

Elizabeth Cox

Melissa Draper

Claire Petersen

2nd Violin
Elizabeth Cox
Melissa Draper
Claire Petersen
David Price

Emily Brown
Gina Conelly

Thor Call
Nathan Cox

Eric Hansen

Matthew Coleman

Winter Scenery

Proclamation of a Romantic

a poem by William Call

Proclamation of a Romantic
O to break the chains of formality
and go beyond the proper and fitting,
to let go'f the prize of obedience
and of life's night-sitting
in the chambers of domesticity
and transcend the ways of home allegiance,
to reach out and grasp love, savoring it,
hoping that fore'er more
I will live my life to the very core!

Full Orchestral Score 2020

© 2000 William Call  

All Rights Reserved 

This music may not be performed, recorded, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,  or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without prior permission of the copyright holder. Composed August to October 2000  

Revisions 2008, 2020 

Title Page Art: Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets, Edouard Manet 


2222, 22, timpani, percussion, piano, strings

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