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Hometown Concerto

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Track 01: Western Blue
Trac 02: It's Only a Dream
Track 03: Country Capers

Symphony No. 1 is available in the 4-CD set you can order below.

Three Symphonies and a Concerto, Physical CD (4 CD Set).  Includes Symphonies No. 1, 3 and 5, and the Hometown Concerto.

Three Symphonies and a Concerto is also available wherever digital downloads are sold.


Digital Download

Digital Download

Physical CD

This concerto had its beginnings in 1997.  It recalls the dance music of my teenage years.  When I was about 16 I joined with some high school friends to form a dance band known as the Clefs.  During our junior and senior years the music we played was in high demand.   We played both summer and winter for church, school, and community dances in Star Valley and surrounding areas.  For our repertoire of about 30 songs we turned to the tunes that were popular at the time—the swing music of the 40s and 50s.  It included upbeat jitterbugs and slow to moderate blues, ballads, and waltzes.  Our idols were big band leaders like Glenn Miller.  George Gershwin was at the time my favorite composer.  I remember listening to an abridged version of Rhapsody in Blue on a little 45 RPM record player.  The blues melodies of this famous piece stuck with me, as anyone familiar with them and this concerto can attest.

Performance Information


Piano — Josh Wright

Voice — Gay Bastian

Violin — Alex Woods

Viola — Bryan Lew

Cello & Percussion — Thor Call

Bass — Eric Hansen

Trombone — Curtis Biggs

Tuba — Dan Bryce

French Horn — Kit Weber

Trumpet — Seretta Hart

Bass Trombone — Zachary Crawford

Clarinet — Daron Bradford

Flute & Piccolo — Jeannine Goeckeritz

Oboe — Stephanie Simper

Bassoon — Chris Smith


Thor Call, Producer & Engineer

Recording, mixing & mastering at

Thunder Music, Orem, Utah

June through December 2012


Composed 1997, Revised 2000

Second movement “It’s Only a Dream” 2008

Additional revisions 2012

It’s only a dream of the past now,

Just a vision of days gone by;

The moments are made

Of memories that fade,

The memory of your last goodbye.


Evanescent, ephemeral, like you,


It’s only a dream of the past now,

Just a vision of days gone by;

So long, long ago

Thru time’s endless flow,

The memory of your last goodbye.



In memory of Helen,

my wife of fifty years

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