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Once the respective claims of the advocates of science and the advocates of religion are understood, one realizes that they are not fundamentally different.  Both sides put forth a claim that can’t be confirmed, and therefore the difference in the claims is only an assumed difference.  Whether the Other is God or the World is of no fundamental significance because neither God nor the world is knowable.  And, in addition, whether what is real is God or the World is hardly worth arguing about when neither side knows what reality is or whether it is God or the World.

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Somewhere along the way...religion made a turn and so did you!


As long as there are humans there will be religion because to be human is to search, to struggle, and to strive.  People have thought that the purpose of religion is to get rid of the human, get past it, go beyond it, and exchange it for something  better.  And there’s the rub—what they think is “better”! Their substitutes for the human are such things as “eternal bliss” and “nirvana.”  The singular characteristic of these “states” is that they would rid us of the very things that make life worth living.  They would rid humanity of humanity.  In heaven it’s hard to be yourself!   

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