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El Curioso Impertinente

An Opera in Three Acts 

by William Call 

Story/Libretto by Miguel de Cervantes

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Meet the Characters

Anselmo identifier (1).png


Friend of Lotario

Husband of Camila

Camila Identifier copy.png


Wife of Anselmo

Friend of Lotario

Lotario Identifier.png


Friend of Anselmo

Friend of Camila

Leonela Identifier1 (1).png


Maid of Camila

El Cura 3 copy (1).jpeg

El Cura


Reader / Narrator

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Anselmo and Lotario are two friends. Anselmo falls in love with Camila and the two are married.  Anselmo reveals to his friend that he has a secret desire to test Camila’s fidelity and wants Lotario to be the one to prove her. Lotario sees the folly of such an undertaking but eventually agrees to his friend’s request.  At first he only pretends to woo Camila, but when Anselmo catches him making false claims, Lotario agrees to proceed in earnest. When he is alone with his friend’s wife, he discovers what a beautiful woman she is, becoming enamored and making advances that are less feigned than real. Camila is shocked. She vows to protect her virtue at all costs. Her maid Leonela warns against overconfidence. Eventually Lotario’s pleadings have their effect, and Camila succumbs to his persuasions.

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When Anselmo returns Lotario reassures him: his wife has overcome all temptations and remains faithful. Meanwhile, Leonela informs her mistress that she, too, has a “friend,” who, as Camila discovers, is allowed into her room at night. When Lotario sees a man leaving the house early in the morning, he believes Camila has taken another lover. Jealous, he reveals to Anselmo that Camila has invited him to her bedroom. Anselmo agrees to hide behind the arras to observe  “the action.” But then, when Lotario learns that the man was Leonela’s  lover, he confesses his error to Camila, informing her that Anselmo will secretly witness their “sport.” Camila is shocked but devises a plan. Anselmo hides. Camila enters the room displaying a dagger and threatening violence. Leonela tries to dissuade her.  When Lotario arrives, she attacks him. He resists but is unable to wrest the weapon from her hand. She strikes herself instead. The blood flows, the knife falls, and she sinks to the floor in a  pretended faint. Anselmo, rushing from the curtains, stands in dismay over his wife’s “lifeless” body in utter disbelief.

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Camila, back to good health and Anselmo content, all is well until one night Anselmo hears footsteps in Leonela’s bedroom. He enters to see a man leap from the window. He threatens to kill Leonela if she does not tell him who the man is. The maid pleads for her life saying she will tell her master more than he has asked. He gives her until morning to reveal her secrets and then informs his wife of what Leonela has said. Camila rises in the night, gathers her precious jewels and flees from the house. In the morning Anselmo discovers that Leonela is not in her room, his wife is nowhere to be found, and even the servants have gone. In the end Anselmo dies of despair, Lotario is killed in battle and Camila lingers in a convent.

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Scroll to the side or click the right arrow to see the sequence of events.

Meet the Author/Librettist

miguel cervantes.jpg



Spain's most celebrated author.

Published Don Quijote de la Mancha c. 1600, in which he interpolated the novella, "El Curioso Impertinente."

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Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast

Jonah Hoskins.jpg

Jonah Hoskins




Celena Shafer



Holmes Chris.jpg

Christofer Holmes



Stephen Pace (2).jpg

Stephen Pace




Demaree Brown



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Meet the Producer and Recording Engineer

Thor Call

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