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William Call

Composer & Author

Featured Works

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El Curioso Impertinente

A Spanish Opera



An Epic Romance

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Symphony 07

My View From Here

About Me


"From my boyhood I wanted to be a composer, but waited until I was a senior in high school to write my first composition. It was modeled after the music I played at school and community socials. In the little town where I grew up music was communal. Everybody, young and old alike, listened and danced to the same tunes. They came in a one-size-fits-all package that featured such popular dance steps as the waltz, jitterbug and foxtrot. Though I would later become a composer of more sophisticated music, infused in it is the lingering influence of those early years."

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Symphony #1

Let the Mountains Shout for Joy


Symphony #5

Autumn in Star Valley Wyoming


Symphony #2

Men Are That They Might Have Joy


Symphony #6

Turned Tables on the American Frontier


Symphony #3

Summer in Star Valley Wyoming

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Symphony #7

My View From Here


Symphony #4

Caricatures of an Irretrievable Past


Featured Article

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